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Import your Dream Car from JAPAN

Importing the car of your choice has now become easy. Just send us the information regarding the car and we will get everything else done. What could be easier mate.
We are a completely home grown company who have built extensive business relationships around the world; especially in Japan and the UK. We use the relationships we have abroad as a leverage to give you the best service at the best price.
We have also signed trader’s agreements with shipping companies, compliance association and transport companies in New Zealand. All our connections translate into a better deal for YOU.
Buy a customized car or get your car customized afterward
If you want your car customized to fit your needs and style, then we have got you covered. If you want to get your car in a custom color, then we can get that done for you. Many of the original Japanese accessories are not available in New Zealand. We import any necessary accessory on order.
If you want a special package which is only available in Japan, you can order it through us. Custom rims, color schemes for interior and exterior of the car, leather options are also available.
We also perform customization of the interior of the car and add gadgets that you request. We have custom navigation gear available at request. You can also request installation of custom sound systems. You can also ask for a custom color for the interior of your car. Exterior customization is our specialty. Just give us the specifications and we will bring it to reality.
Whatever, your customization plan is just contact us and we will help you with the whole process.
Buying a car from the famous Japanese car auctions
Japanese car auctions have become a thing of legends. The Japanese car auctions get such a variety of car that it is unmatched anywhere. If you want to buy a car from the Japanese car auction, please send us the information and leave the rest to us.

Our fees:

1. Domestic Transport Cost at Japan and Custom Clearance fee:
Service will be provided at cost. The service is optional and performed at request.
2. Complete Shipping Package ( From Japanese Port to NZ):
The restraint is maximum 20M3 Freight. The price includes NZ Customs, MAF and all other customs cost.
3. Import GST: 15% of FOB cost.
4. New Zealand Vehicle Compliance and Inspection Fee:
The price is applicable for Passenger Vehicles only. Additional costs are to be added for trucks and buses.
5. Compliance Repair Cost:
This cost depends on the condition of the imported vehicle.
6. Registration Cost:
7. New Zealand Domestic Transport Cost:
A list of costs from different towns is given in the website.
8. Handling Fee:$499 + 3% of Total cost incurred.

Please fill the below form, with the details of the car you want to import and we will contact you.